few questions about CISSP preperation

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I am a new member in this great forum. I am planning to be CISSP certified (within 2-4 months from now) and I have some questions and need some tips/advices.

-I am studying from Shon Harris AIO fifth edition, should I get the 6th edition or 5th is okay ?
- Is shon Harris book enough to pass the exam ? (plus giving some trial exams while preparing)
- Do you recommend me alternative book for CISSP ?
- How many time I can write the exam ?
- What do you think about Shon Harris 2007 CISSP videos ?
- Any other tips/advices from you ?

- I should get official letter (signed and stamped) from the companies I worked for saying that I have experience in xyz before writing the exam, correct ?

Last word, I would like to inform you that I was security+ certified few years back and security is a major part of my daily work. I am PMP, ccna security certified.



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    Well first let me welcome you to the forum and i hope you learn alot, couple of things for you. I will try to answer them in the order of your asking.

    First: Try and make your time frame 4 months or later; 2 months is a bit to short im thinking even knowing you have your other certs.

    Second: The Fifth Edition book by Shon Harris is fine, The 6th edition is not going to make a difference. (More to come one this in a bit)

    Third: There is NOT one book that will help you pass the test, but SEVERAL books, Test Banks and review questions. Shon book is just one of many that will assit in this effort but NOT the all to end all.

    Fourth: Do you recommend me alternative book for CISSP ? Test banks, Eric Conrad, Harold Tipton

    Fifth: How many time I can write the exam ? 3 times within the same calendar year.

    Sixth: What do you think about Shon Harris 2007 CISSP videos? I have it i have used it, It just gives you a better visual understanding of the book. The book is much more in debth than the video, i would use the video soley as a review and not a study guide.

    Finally: Any other tips: Test banks will be your best way to get a undertanding of the exam and the types of questions they will ask you. here is a link: https://www.freepracticetests.org/quiz/index.php?page=home , no letter is required about your experience BEFORE sitting the exam.

    Good Luck to you
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    kettanehkettaneh Registered Users Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□

    I really appreciate your answer, it helped me a lot. I will continue on 5th + shon videos, then I will move to the other book. I will keep practicing on the exam till I feel confident.

    thanks a lot
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    oyeitsmeoyeitsme Registered Users Posts: 1 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I would recommend Shon harris 5th edition and Eleventh hour from Eric Conrad - this one is like a bible :) It hits on all the important stuff. Read on my few simple tips for exam -

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    HumbeHumbe Member Posts: 202
    The 2 months time frame you are giving yourself is quite doable but not recommended. I passed the CISSP exam in a little over 1 month of studies.

    Let me remind you that the CISSP exam requires extensive knowledge of InfoSec. The more you know the easier the exam will come to you.

    I read 2 books essentially:

    1. Eric Conrad
    2. Shon Harris

    Test Bank:

    1. CCCure


    1. Shon Harris (only watched them when I was bored to get familiarized with the concepts)

    I hope that helps a little in your journey. Good luck!
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    swildswild Member Posts: 828
    I started out with the Shon Harris book, but really couldn't stand her repetition and not-so-funny writing style. The Conrad book was much better for me. I ran through that and followed up with the full CCCure test bank, googling every single question that I missed, and passed the exam on the first attempt. Total study time was about 6 to 8 weeks if I remember right.

    Before this, I had 4 years of being an IT generalist with only comptia A+, Net+ and Sec+ certs.
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