Sec+ coming up!

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My co-worker introduced me to this site today. It seems to be full of helpful users. I'm scheduled to take my sec+ exam next fri 1/25. Kinda nervous even though I've been studying for over 6 months...Oh well, gotta stay focused and positive!



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    Best of luck! Welcome to TE.
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    Welcome to TE and good luck on the test. :)
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    Welcome to the forums and good luck on your exam next Friday. Feel free to post questions on anything that isn't clear.
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    Thanks Darril! I got your book thru the Kindle app yesterday! Great book! So far I've been doing great with the practice questions! Also good to see you're here locally in Va Beach! I'll let you know how it goes next Friday! Thanks!
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    Hi Fellows,

    I am also taking the exam on January 23. I have been studying for this course for the last 4 weeks and very positive to pass it.
    I have no previous experience in IT. Wish me luck for the exam.
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