time effort for Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer 1Z0-803

I have no previous knowledge in Java. My only programming skills is Oracle SQL (passed 1Z0-051 SQL Fundamentals I).

What's the time effort for passing Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer 1Z0-803? From zero to exam? icon_study.gif


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    I got this certification back during the summer. It is a really good introductory overview of the language and pretty straightforward; no tricky questions - just know the syntax. I would say starting out you can probably expect 1 - 3 months of study time depending on your learning style. Since you have no experience with Java, I highly recommend starting out with "Head First Java". It gives you a really good overview of the language (some unnecessary, but worth knowing). One forum I tend to use for Java related material including Java related certs is javaranch. I also wrote a blog post on the material and sources that I used for the exam here.
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    Head first Java is a fantstic book and will get you started.
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    From a professional perspective I would also suggest that you look at Head First Design patterns. This won't help you all that much regarding the certification, but it will help you in becoming a good developer. Plus it will be good to just see some additional code.
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    Thank you longje. 1-3 months in hours?
    Thanks for the hint about Head First Java.
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    A very interesting discussion , I plan to start learning java this summer . I would like to ask if you are talking about 3 months from a state of 0 programming experience as it seems too short even with 4-5h a day ... It took me about 3 months(with about 4h a day) to learn SQL where i feel i m somewhere close to medium and SQL seems much easier then most programming languages
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    Flemeth wrote: »
    It took me about 3 months(with about 4h a day) to learn SQL where i feel i m somewhere close to medium and SQL seems much easier then most programming languages

    I approve this! I was preparing 3 years for Oracle SQL exam. I had quite a lot practise expirence in workplace and learned about 6 hours / month.

    That's why I am interested how much time for preparation. Because have kids and can't learn 4h a day icon_cry.gif That's impossible.
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    No problem. It is hard to say in hours. When preparing for an exam, I just sort of come to a realization that I am ready or I just get fed up with studying :). Not that I will spend X amount of time and be ready. I wouldn't try to rush things, especially just starting out - fundamentals are everything. So lots of code, experiment and make mistakes. If you study 4-5 hours a day though, I would say a good 1 to 2 months. Just starting out you will need to wrap your head around OO programming and Java basics, which is no small task.

    I spent around four weeks not studying every single day but 1-3 hrs on most days, however, I had been programming for sometime. One way to tell is by using the enthuware practice exam (I used it). It is harder than the real exam, when you get to the point that you are passing that with 90% plus you are definitely ready.

    I second Head First Design patterns. It is a really good book. I actually just recently finished it :) However, for the purpose of just the OCAJP 7 exam, you do not need it. The second part of the exam OCPJP 7, does include a few design patterns, so the book could come in really handy for your next step as well as your career.
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