Passed CCNA Voice 640-461

Killed it on this test. Passed with 976/1000. The 640-461 Cisco Press book is enough to pass but I was well prepared due to my job experience. I found it easier than the CCNA but I work on CUCM/CUC/CUPS/CUxAC much more than routers and switches these days.

I have an interview next week with Cisco for a Unified Communications Engineer position so adding this my resume will certainly help.


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    Awesome is the word. Well done and congrats. Good luck with the job interview.
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    Nice score and congrats on the pass.
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    rchase wrote: »
    Nice job. Congrats man. UC Engineer for Cisco? Gold

    Yes, looking forward to the interview. I know a few people that work there as well and that never hurts.

    Thanks everyone for the congrats.
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    congrats on pass
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    Congrats and good luck on the interview!

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    can you share with us some study tips and recommendations?
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    congrats! How did the interview go?
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    Made it through two rounds and then got cut. The position was supporting a single large customer that runs CME only and I didn't have any real world experience with Express.

    I applied for a different position (still Voice related) and am getting ready to start the interview process for it. Hopefully I will have better luck this time.
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    I wouldn't worry about it, just keep going, someone is going to give you a chance. I was cut as well for a job after two interviews, i was actually very happy as i really didn't want the job in the end, they said they had some doubts about me, i thanked them for their invitation and the chance. It was a stressful job at a stock exchange company and i prefer relaxed environments besides who wants to be sued for something that could probably not be your fault anyway. They paid well but i rather get a good night sleep and not look like am 60 after 4 months :p.

    Good luck and enjoy the process
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