Dillemma on what to do next

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Hello All

I have been working in the Information Security Domain for the past 2 years.

I have attained the following certifications :


Earlier i was working in Security Operations Center and now i am developing content for SIEM.

Please help me out on what i should do next ?
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    This is a pretty wide open question, especially with how broad the IT Security industry is. What are your interests?
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    I have no specific interest.

    I don't have a target on what i will be working on. All i want to do is learn, share and lead.

    Is it possible to have a specific interest ? I have tried unsuccessfully.

    Please advise if there is any methodology to find an end point in finding the specific interest.
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  • lsud00dlsud00d 1337sauce Member Posts: 1,571
    In accordance with the CISSP, which of these 10 domains gets you excited?

    Access control
    Telecommunications and network security
    Information security governance and risk management
    Software development security
    Security architecture and design
    Operations security
    Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
    Legal, regulations, investigations and compliance
    Physical (environmental) security

    If you want more info on these, check out this article: Build Your Skills: Learn these 10 security domains to obtain CISSP certification | TechRepublic

    Once you go through them all it can help you narrow your search.
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    For the short term, I would suggest going through the training offered by your SIEM provider and getting any certification(s) it offers.
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    JDMurray wrote: »
    For the short term, I would suggest going through the training offered by your SIEM provider and getting any certification(s) it offers.

    Jim, That is what i am indeed doing. There will be no trainings offered to me. All i am doing currently is learning during my 8 hours of job and staying back 2-3 hours thrice a week.

    But you must be aware that SIEM is something we can deal with only when we are working on it. There is no content or study materials, i can lay my hands into once i reach my home after work. Also, it makes me pretty empty during the weekends.

    So, as to not limit myself in a particular area and be stagnant, i am willing to do some certifications which can help me in a long term and also which can also infuse some information in me.

    The suggestion you gave me was top notch and that is what i have been following for the past 6 months since i joined in this area. But i am just getting lazy during the weekends and becoming complacent it seems.

    My response might be long but that is as much honest i can be. icon_sad.gif
    Don't be complacent.

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    Thank you for the response lsud00d, i shall give a read to understand the real foundation and let you know what i am interested in.
    Don't be complacent.

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