Cisco lab with Mac book pro..

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Ok I've made the big move from Pc to Mac....but I'm not sure how to set up my mac to with with my routers.....Would I need any software?......icon_redface.gif


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    I used a Windows 7 VM with puTTy and a usb to console. I would assume that you could connect a usb to console to the mac and simply use terminal and ssh.

    This was on a 2012 rMPB 15"
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  • optimistmindoptimistmind Member Posts: 8 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Thanks mate where did you get your PuTTy from....I'm not sure what version I should use...I'm running Win.7
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    I usually download Putty from this site:
    PuTTY Download Page

    I saw this (don't have a MAC to test this on, so can't vouch for the instructions):
    Putty Equivalent for Mac OS X |
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    Iterm2 works very well its acutally what I use most of the time with Jelly Fish SSH that launches the seesions. It can be buggy at times. I also have SecureCRT for MAC its 100 bucks, but works like a champ. For notepads I use Jedit works great for configs.
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    shodown wrote: »
    I also have SecureCRT for MAC its 100 bucks, but works like a champ.

    SecureCRT, worked best for me, if you are a student, you can get it for 20 bucks.
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    Agree with shodown and nerdydad, you can't beat SecureCRT!

    On my MBP I use SecureCRT and iTerm2. I also have a Fusion VM with many of my other utilities in it such as Solarwinds Engineer Toolset, DCNM, Omnipeek, Visio, etc. as some software just doesn't run native on a Mac.
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  • GOZCUGOZCU Member Posts: 234
    i have macbook, and i do love to use "minicom" . it is free ;)
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    I used SecureCRT to SSH to my console server, but if I have to console from MBP straight to my Cisco devices, I use Linux distro with minicom.
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    minicom is available for macbook too since OSX is a unix flavor.
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    Glad to see so many Mac users here!
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    I use MBPR at work and I have SecureCRT and iTerm2 installed. Gotta love iTerm2 especially when you're dealing with FEX's a lot. It allows you to issue commands on two screens simultaneously.

    At home, I don't use my late 09 MBP a lot when labbing so I don't have anything installed. I can always use Terminal. If I need to console to a router/switch, I can always use screen command for that.
  • down77down77 Member Posts: 1,009
    CarlSaiyed wrote: »
    Glad to see so many Mac users here!

    The majority of the Cisco SE employees that I have met use a 15" MBP.
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