How to make conf calls outside the office

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icon_thumright.gif Hi Cisco Collegue

At the position i'm challenged to make Lan / voice improvement.
i've beguin by voice in first but i'm faced to an issue :
End users when they need to make a conf call with external persone they use a number 1109. This number is related to Bridge number configured on the gateway. So conference are for free.

Then i'm asking if we can config an outside number , to let people do their conf calls when they are outside the office.

Please how could i check if that is already on the call manager ver 4.1 ?

if not configured how could i configure that?



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    it sounds like your using meet me which is not protected. If you have that setup you can set yourself up for some type of toll fraud if you have a outside number dial it. I would advise against it and look into a real conference solution. If you don't have meet me disregard.
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    We use translation patterns to forward external DIDs to internal Meet Me extensions. Of course it's not PIN protected like a Webex or Meeting Place but we've been doing this for four years with no issues. Cheap way to setup a conference bridge with basic CUCM. Our Meet Me bridges cannot be started unless dialing from a device in our internal PT.
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    Thks for your reply ; in the office we using the basic conference bridge on cucm ver 4.1.
    the number 1109 when dialed it goes to BT Conferencing.
    when i check on route pattern i see this number too

    My question is how to configure / an external number / to call manger / to have conference
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