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Does anyone know if there are questions about Windows XP on the latest version of the A+ OS ?

And are they reducing the number of Windows 9x Questions ?


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    As far as I know, no there are not (yet). Windows 98 and Windows 2000 and you might even find a lost Windows NT 4 question and some DOS.

    Can anyone back this up?
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    I just passed my A+ a couple weeks ago. There were no questions on XP, but I do understand that as soon as Mike Meyers, Sybex & the rest publish new editions covering XP that it will be included. The questions have been beta tested and are just waiting for study material to hit the streets.
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    i had no xp questions in my exam. comptia objectives seem to change around spring time. i imagine it won't be until next year when xp will be included in the exam.

    i was questioned on win9x, winnt, win2k and elements of dos.

    there are actually more winnt questions in there than you would want. partly i think because they want you to know the differences between it and win2k, but also because so many firms still use it. the company i work for still has servers running winnt4 server, and the o/s will not be upgraded unless the server itself is upgraded.
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