cucm/cups/cuc What spec PC ?

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Hello, I am wanting to buy a PC for home lab use.
I want to run CUCM, CUPS and CUC on the same machine using Esxi.

Are any of you guys running the three on a single PC ?
If so, can you please recommend RAM, processor etc specs that will enable me to run these 3 apps on the same machine ?

So far, I have been told I need to make sure I use an Intel processor and I should put each of the three apps on it's own hard drive.

Any more advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    I think the person might've meant: "Build three virtual harddrives" as in vdi files, or whatever esxi uses. I'm not a virtualization guru :P

    As far as grunt work, My computer is fairly old by today's standards though, but makes it through quite well. I have a i920 w/ 14gb ram.
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  • tokhsstokhss Senior Member Member Posts: 473
    if this is for home lab.. then any i3 to i5 with at least 16 gigs of ram will do.. CUCM-Business will combine ccm/unity = 8 gigs of ram. add on cups for a few more gigs of ram and rest for OS.. throw on a 300 to 500 gig hard drive for virtual space and your good.

    vmware it..
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    I'm running CUCM (both pub & sub), CUC and CUPS in ESXi v5.1 on an Intel i7 870 (1st generation) w/16GB RAM.

    Biggest bottleneck for me seems to be HDD related. I use an old 80GB as a boot drive and to store my ISO files, and have 2 x 1TB SATA II drives for VMs. Just bought some extra 320GB SATA II's to spread the VMs around to lessen disk contention.
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