I have joined the CCNP club!

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Hi everyone

I passed my TSHOOT exam with a score of 1000 and am now a CCNP!:) after one year of hard study I am so happy to pass this and be able to finally rest knowing that it has paid off and it has really been worth it despite my intial concerns over not having my own equipment.I found there were other excellent methods such as gns3 and proctor labs for rack rentals.

The study methods I used for the TSHOOT were doing lots of labs and reading a couple of chapter of How to master CCNP TSHOOT. I had cbt nuggets tshoot at my disposal but didn't use these in the end.I also used Boson's TSHOOT which is much harder than the real exam in my opinion although the topology is different (slightly).Knowing the exam topology helped massively as in the exam I didn't have to refer to it so thank you for giving me advice about this and I think a few of you mentioned Kevin Wallace's vids which were very helpful so thank you again.
From the A+ to CCNP in 23 months! i have exceeded any expectations of myself and gone further than I ever dreamed in this. YATTA!!!!!!!!
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