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Has anyone here attended Intense School? Someone made a comment about not attending boot camps, but I find the time away from work to be beneficial in the learning process.

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    I've never attended this place, but on the subject of bootcamps I think they can be useful if used the right way. They are more like last minute cram sessions/refreshers rather than a learning experience. I wouldn't advise a bootcamp if you aren't already close to the level of passing the exam.
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    I have attended one school prior to getting certified. I read the book, actually two books, prior to the class. Attended the class. Returned, did more studying, and then finally took the test. As I said, I enjoyed being away from work, and having the quiet to study in. I was just wondering about this particular school. I am a slow learner, so the more I get exposed to something, the better it sinks in.
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    Do a search on TE, I recall there being quite a few comments on it.
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