CCNP in 6 months?!



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    I did something similar to prtech. I have 4-5 years of network experience and took Route first, after 3 months of hardcore studying. Then (because most of my experience is with switches) I took Switch about a month later, and TShoot the day after Switch. Depends on your background and if you've had the opportunity to see these things in action. If it's all new material, I don't think it's viable.
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    and even (ugh) VoIP every day.

    Ha, CUCM is way more fun than some boring routing protocol like OSPF. icon_wink.gif

    ROUTE is what is really keeping me from pursuing CCNP. Maybe I'll change my mind one day.
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    I still contend that voice engineers are a couple of bits "off" :)
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    Thanks everyone for all the responses. I recently obtained a position where i will be gathering a lot of experience. Im going to shoot for early 2014 for the CCNP.
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    You could honestly do the CCNP in 2 months with self study if you are are so inclined. This means 5-6 hours a day though. If you were also able to go to classes for route and switch you could do it in a month. TSHOOT does not take more than 2 hours to study for if you prepared for ROUTE and SWITCH already. I dont recommend studying at that pace because it reaaaaaly takes something out of you and will make the experience crappy. I think its better for your overall health and retention to just continously study 60-90 mins a day. Its sustainable and keeps you active.
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    and even (ugh) VoIP every day.

    Amen! Voice = Ugh!
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    Mrock4 wrote: »
    I still contend that voice engineers are a couple of bits "off" :)

    I resemble.. err... *resent* that remark!
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    The point should never be how fast can you pass a test, but how well are you learning the content.

    Patience is a valuable trait that unfortunately isn't valued enough in our society.
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    With only 6 months experience at the time I got my CCNA in December '11. And with a ton of study time and access to any equipment I had my CCNP on April 5th of 2012. I work on CCNP and higher level issues in a pretty big NOC.
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