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Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and it seems great so far! I have been considering a career change due to the fact that the business I've been in for the past 15 years is just about belly up. IT and Cisco is something I've been looking into but I'm completely new to the field. If any happens to have some advice as to where to start I would appreciate it greatly! Thanks!


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    Live in the CCENT and CCNA forums and you will pick up a lot of information.

    I would consider picking up a TCP/IP book and start to learn the high level pieces of networking and move forward from there. You want to establish that base knowledge before moving forward.
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    I agree with N2IT's advice. Pick up a book on the basics of networking. Once you have a basic understanding move onto ccnet/ccna material.
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    Are you brand new to IT? You may want to start off with something like A+, then jump into Network+, then CCNA for instance. I will let you decide whether you want to actually take the A+ and Network+ exams, but for sure the material contained within them is essential base knowledge to have so I would at least read through it.

    Good luck in your journey
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    I disagree (no offense). I think A+ is so overrated as THE entry standard for IT. If he's looking to get into networking...then he needs to know some basics of networking hardware and WAN technologies. But he doesn't need to know motherboard components, or printer troubleshooting, or proper ESD procedures...and he sure as hell doesn't need to know what fire-extinguisher to use. A+ is a very petty exam that covers many things in detail, that unless you are working as a hardware repair will NEVER use in IT.

    My recommendation is to not even consider A+. While it can help you get a foot in the door, its not nearly as effective at getting you an entry level position as CCNA is. You may want to look over a Net+ book but I wouldn't worry about taking that exam either. Go for CCENT/CCNA. If you get a study guide that covers both, it should do well to cover the basic networking fundamentals as well. Good luck sir.
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    Agree with Hutch! A+ is about as useful as my old BrainBench, Citrix, and HP Certifications. Find a path that you think you'd enjoy, and go in that direction...i.e., programming, web design (yes there's still a market for that), Storage, Virtualization, InfoSec is Mega-hot right now and will be for the foreseeable future. Knowing Hardware, network or otherwise is only PART of the process nowadays.
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    what about specializing in databases
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    Thank you very much!
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    I also agree with the_hutch, starting with the CCENT or the CCNA would be better. Have a look into some networking books/sites as others have mentioned. The CCENT is the entry-level certification and the CCNA is the next step up, so depending on your knowledge and experience you can do one of these.
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    Database is an option
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    Also search the web!There is a lot of info for beginners and you can get your hands on some basic level materials that are free and will help you get a feel of networking/programming or whatever you choose.
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