Passed CISSP

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I studied for 7 months and used below study material

1. Shon Harries (AIO)
2. Official Guide
3. CISSP Practice Exams from Shon Harris
4. Listened to Shon Harris MP3 Audio
5. CCcure tests
6. Questions from Shon Harries (AIO)
7. Questions from Eric Conrad

I have 15 years of IT experience. I have cryptography, application development and access control background. It took me around 5 hours to answer all the questions and spent 1 hour for review.


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    icon_cheers.gif Congratulations, good work. What did you think of the Shon Harris book? A lot of debate surrounding this resource...
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    Congrats, You took the time and really learned the material. How did you feel during the exam?
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    moyondizvo wrote: »
    icon_cheers.gif Congratulations, good work. What did you think of the Shon Harris book? A lot of debate surrounding this resource...

    Shon Harris book is good. I have underlined important points when read the book first time. Later during the reviews I have gone through only highlighted points.
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    I felt exam was really tough. First I answered which are all the questions I know and rest of them marked it for review. I have read each question at least two times and try to understand what they are really asking. Some of the questions I felt two answers are correct. Depeding on the scenario I tried to select the best answer. I felt extremly happy after the exam when I saw the printout where it says I passed the exam. I have completed all the questions around 5 hours. I spent 1 hour to review some of the questions.
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    Do you think the CISSP Practice Exams from Shon Harris did a good job imitating the difficulty level of the real test? To supplement my CCCure practice tests, I just started going through the edition that was released last year.
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    I felt Shon Harris practice exams (250 questions) and new edition at the end 143 questions are tougher than real exam. These practice questions will really help you to answer questions in the real exam.
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    Thanks for the quick reply jpreddy. I was hoping you were going to say that. I had an idea that her questions in the CISSP Practice Exams book were representative of the toughest of the questions that would be encountered. I have my test scheduled for a bit over a week from now, so (in addition to doing well on the CCCure questions) I feel like if I can keep doing okay on her questions and understand the answers I'll be okay. I'm really ready to get it done. It has consumed so much of my time, taken so much time away from family. icon_study.gif. Thanks again!
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    Congrats!!! Just passed it today myself.
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    Congrats on the pass! I just sat the 142 questions within the Shon Harris book and managed to score 72%! They were fairly tough, only got a few days to go so need to brush up on some areas as seem to be scoring over 80% on other tests.....
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    All the best for your exam.
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