Made a Mistake and Passed CISSP

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Hey guys. Happy to say that I finally did it. This was my second attempt and I felt that I was better prepared the first time around. I really think this exam is a test on how you solve problems when confronted with challenging issues. So my advice to all those that are having difficulty is not to really focus on the material (you still have to know it) but just switch up your mind set. My brother said "think like a manger". That's what I did and it worked out.


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    Congrats! I'm glad you finally passed!
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    congrats on pass
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    Thanks guys. I'll definitely take a long break before I go for my next cert.
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    Congrats on the pass, hopefully I will be posting a similar thread in the coming days...
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    Congratulations icon_cheers.gif Great work. Could you share what you did differently in your second attempt as compared to your first? I know that there are candidates out there who are attempting the CISSP exam for the second or third time but are most probably making the same mistakes so if you could share where you feel you may have "struck gold" and got it right, somebody else could learn from it.

    Congrats once again. :)
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    Like I said, this time around I didn't feel that I knew the material as well. But I've gained more experience in my assurance role at work. I think it just comes down to thinking strategically and the whole think like a manager mindset. I know it sounds like fluff but I feel like that's what really did it for me.
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Congrats well done
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    Congrats on your pass. I passed on my first attempt, and I credit that to my boot camp instructor, who expounded the same idea - to think like a manager. If there are two good answers, but one is a technical solution, and the other is a management solution, go with management - people and processes over technology.
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    Congrats, on your PASS now get that endorsement.
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    Thanks but unfortunately I'm still a year out from meeting the experience requirements.
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    broli720 wrote: »
    Thanks but unfortunately I'm still a year out from meeting the experience requirements.

    One year passes by quickly!
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