Next Certification...?

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Hi All,

I just recently passed my CISA, thank god that's over but now I'm debating what I should take next. Just to give you a little background I am an IT Auditor that holds SSCP, N+, S+, NSTISSI-4011.

I was debating the CEHv8, ECSA, OSCP and GPEN. My linux/scripting skills are pretty much nonexistent, can you guys recommend what might be some good prerequisites or maybe other certs all together? I am pretty much still a noob, less than 2 years out of college :).



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    I wouldn't recommend EC-Council certifications. I took the CEH recently and thought it was a job. The coursework involved learning a lot of outdated tools and it was really easy but I didn't really see it as a practical exam for the real world.

    IF you're not great with Linux or scripting, OSCP might be a little above your head but you can try it out. It might just take you a lot longer to get that exam. GPEN would be pretty good too.
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    I'm in the same boat as well. I'm not really doing a lot of networking lately. I'll probably continue on the Cisco track or try a GIAC cert
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