C|EH test tomorrow morning!!!

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I changed this post title because I feel that my testing experience was a little different from others. My intention in this thread is to educate members who want to challenge the test and not break the NDA(Mods: If you feel like there is a section that shouldn't be posted please let me know so I can educate myself).

The test I took had no grammatical errors so I'm guessing they proofread the test finally......

I will start with the reading material then other sources.

CEH AIO - This was an execellent book that did cover all the areas in the exam but WILL NOT prepare you for the test in my opinion.

Coding Skill:

I feel that the test taker will need a working knowledge of a "mid-level" programming language. Generally knowing what variables are and knowing about the value it can extend itself too.

Markup and Scripting Languages:

A basic understanding and HTML and Javascript will pay dividends on the test.


Study the main tools that are highlighted in the book and know the popular query strings and outputs

Deductive reasoning works well on the exam so use educated guesses for the things you don't know.

If I could do it again:

I would study C|EH v6 material > It seems like they "dumbed" down the already ridiculous amounts of tools and syntaxes you must remember.

Studied "some mid-level" programming language BO parameters.

Followed the "labs" in the official CEH courseware. If you got it "skim it over"; you won't regret it. The courseware design seems logical if you were looking at a powerpoint, but for learning not so much.

I'm sorry if this is hard to follow but I just want to help the potential test taker work as hard as they can before loosing 500 smackers, lol.

If you have any additional questions, PM me. I will not break the NDA or give specific examples about the test.

NO BRAINDUMPS! > If you already know the answers, what is the point!

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