Passed the CASP

da_vatoda_vato SargeMember Posts: 445
Well today I took the CASP and I passed...

To be honest I feel this is a worth while test and will gain credability in the future. I work at the division level for the military (enterprise in civilian) and I thought the scenarios were all high level scenarios that you would have to truly have some experience under your belt to really answer. They are tricky in a way that you would need to understand who the responsibility of risk really falls on. A lot of times we self impose the burden of risk but when its all said and done few of us will have to answer to a courtroom about the risks taken by our company.

All in all I was suprised with the difficulty of this test. Having completed the CompTIA triad and seeing a familiarity amongst the three I honestly expected similar of the CASP. I received eight performance based questions and was only expecting four or five.

None the less glad thats over with and on to CISSP in a couple of months......


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