Wendell Odem Thrid Edition Questions and concerns.

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I plan to sit for the CCENT or ICND1 in April. I took the CCNA exam and failed eariler this month and decided to do the two test route. Anyway, I have the Third Edtion Cert Libary and I have installed both CD's on my Laptop and spend 2 hours every few days going over the questions. My main concern is that the questions on the CD so far have been multiple choice and nothing else. Plus I have to spend an Extra 50 bucks to down load the full version of Network Simulator if I want to the labs.

I was wondering from those folks who have bought the Boston CCENT or CCNA practice Exams how they compare with Odem's exams ? For Instance, From what I have read on this board it sounds like the Boston Exam has Multiple Choice question, Simlet ( drag and drop questions ) CLI sims ( Command line Interface ) questions just like the real exam. The Boston CCNA 640-802 is $279 bucks and I am am looking to see if U need to drop that kind of money.For CLI stuff I have Packet Tracker and I love youtube.

So in closeing I would love for anyone who has used the both Odems materials and Boston Exam material to give me there thoughts on which is a better stdy resourse.

Thanks in advance
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    This may be a silly question, but have you read the book? Personally, practice tests can be useless if you haven't learned the material.
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    Two hours on the test everyday is overkill. At this point you have probably memorized all of the answers.
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    How about you try some different test and do some labs?

    Boson practice exams is highly recommended around here.
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    MeasureUp also has some good practice tests, FYI

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