Oracle cert for starter

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What's a good stage or which cert is a good Oracle starter cert, and what advice do you have for newbies.


  • crashdumpcrashdump Banned Posts: 134
    Oracle have so many different producs. In what product are you interested? Oracle Database?

    Are you developer or admin?
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    would like to get into Database and user administrator. I'm currently a helpdesk support Tech and also does a bit of system admin, more like a junior system admin role, so I think Oracle database and user administration will be a good path for me.
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    I recommend you the Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate track. First take Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I and then Oracle Database 11g: Administration I.

    Be warned: Oracle exams not simple icon_sad.gif

    There is no easier exams for Oracle DB server icon_sad.gif On there are many study guides and a CBT Nuggets training (online available for free)
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    I checkout the CBT Nuggets video yesterday and it was pretty good. I will spend some time on it this weekend and see how I feel. Although I'm looking forward to getting into Oracle, my first goal was to try and get Server 08 Cert. Will need to make a decision fast. Any particular book I can get or look for?
  • crashdumpcrashdump Banned Posts: 134
    I recommend you Oracle Press books (official) and before exam Oracle Certification Prep summary.

    Forget Server 08 certification. Oracle paper much more valuable!
  • ForeverIT27ForeverIT27 Member Posts: 60 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks. I currently do IT helpdesk and my company is in the process or moving from Epicor to Oracle, so I think this would be a good opportunity for me to get into it. I talked to one the Oracle consultant that my company brought in the help with the migration and he told me some really good stuff about Oracle, this knowledge pays good money, I was pretty surprised. I am very close to our current Epicor database admin guy and he brags sometimes about how much money he makes with database administration in Epicor.
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    Hi guys I am in the same boat...I need to get a Oracle certification for a job that I am applying to. I am leaning towards getting the associate certification first. I was wondering where can i get the study materials. I don't want to spend ~$2000 on training classes. Is this doable without taking the training classes? Please let me know as it would be really helpful.

    Thanks in advance.
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