Passed CEHv7 Today

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Definitely easier than I expected it to be. If you know your stuff you'll definitely pass. I had the All in One CEH book and I was able to take the bootcamp class through my job. I believe that I could have passed the test without taking the class, but it was nice to get a walkthrough instruction on some of the material. If you can't afford to take the class you should definitely search youtube/ securitytube for information your not clear on. Good luck to all future testers


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    Nice! Gratz! This is def on my to do list before 2014.
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    Congrats. Im using the AIO book and finding the questions at the end of the chapters easy so far. Im taking the exam on the 24th. Hope to get a pass as well!
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    Congrats! I passed mine on 2 attempts! What I found out after the first trial is the need to wet my hands with the tools not just read them- I actually installed and worked with the tools. The one place for most of the tool of course was BackTrack (used verson 5). That was a great help.
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    Congrats both of you! @ Joe is CEH+ a new cert ? :D
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    @Coty24, oops! that was an error from my profile, I fixed it now.

    Thanks for the catch.
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    I just got back from mine. 43 minutes, 85%. I feel like I should have done better considering how much time I spent on it, but Ill take 85%. I don't really have a frame of reference to know where 85% fits in between 70 and 100.
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    Awesome news!!! Congrats on passing.
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    Congratulations!!! icon_cheers.gif
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