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I just had an interview for a job was told if I get the job I have to get my A+ within 90 days. I've built and upgraded pc's for years and installed OS's, usually win98, xp, Linux. I even have a home network. Anyways I have the A+ dummies book, will that be enough for the exam. I have the practical exp but the book knowledge is a different beast entirely. I don't want a paper cert as some people call this, I don't by the way, I really want to know it.

I am also studying for my CCNA and want to get that out of the way by Dec 1. So that makes 2 certs, 3 tests, by Dec 1.

I know the tests for A+ are going to be hard but any help you guys can offer would be great.

BTW I have 3 kids and study time is limited to 2 hrs a day.



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    The impotrant factor with A+ is that youre predisposed to computers and their fundamental workings. You know what a CPU is already, A+ will teach you how it works. You know what ram is, A+ will teach you how it works, as well as its widths and buses. You know what configuration of hardware is, A+ will teach you in depth things like IRQ's and COM addresses. You know you plug things into ports on the back of the computer, A+ will teach you what those ports are and where they go.

    I found a good strategy for A+ is to breeze through a book, like read it fast without attempting to understand EVERYTHING, then when youre done start doing every practice test you can get your hands on. The general knowledge of quickly reading a book and the specific knowledge of test questions combine to make you pass.

    I found I learned MUCH more from practice exams than any books. The reason is a practice exam sparks a critical thought process in your brain and anything you learn on a practice test will be retained in memory much better than something you read out of a book.
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    BTW I have 3 kids and study time is limited to 2 hrs a day.


    Congratulations on your endeavor!

    2 hours a day is awesome! I wouldn't recommend any more than that so, sounds like you have a good plan.

    Your time frame sounds reasonable, particularly if it is all material you work with.

    Check out the technotes on this site for some review and it you run into things you don't understand, by all means post a question in the appropriate forum...we'll help you the best we can :)
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    i am not sure A+ dummies is good but i suggesting gettin book A+ titles wihtout any dummies and get some practice quesitons from online and get your self prepare for exam its easy if you study and 2hours a day is good thats all you need you can get your self prepare in 1month if you study everyday. and practice i also suggest getting old computer where you can practice for hardware and os.

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    Getting the computers is no problem, I already have a few older ones. 2 486's 1 pent 75 and my main comp. 1700mhz celeron. I have my systems appart most of the time (never actually put the cases on) and I continually format :) too lazy to sort through the crap.

    My problem is, you can put a computer in front of me and I can fix it, whatever the problem, expalin it and I couldn't even begin. Most of what I do is trial and error, I hate to admit, but that's how I learn. I just can't afford to put out $300 on tests and blow them. (ps it's like $400 in canada).

    I have the A+ for dummies, A+ complete lab, A+ Tech on the job guide, and a few troubleshooting guides. I hope that'll be enough.

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    If you have a good amount of real life experience, you should be able to look back at your past experiences for about half the questions and knowledge for A+. Other than that, really focus on common features of the two series of MS systems (dos based - Win95, 98, etc and NT based - NT, 2000, XP). Good luck. icon_cool.gif
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    You have more than one source, which is great. I never rely on one source myself. The OS test should be pretty easy for you with a little review, but I would suggest focusing more on the hardware test. They expect you to remember all kinds of processor speeds, IRO's, etc. There is no testing on Linux or Macintosh, so that's a plus. On the OS test, It mainly tests you on 9x, ME (which suprised me), NT 4.0, 2000, XP, and a little DOS. There's also no testing on any of the servers. I studied for the A+ for three months myself, and was able to pass both tests, so you shouldn't have a problem passing.
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