Passed Security+

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Hello TE,

I mainly lurk but I wanted to share my story. I took the test about two days ago and passed with an 800. I used Darrils book and transcender practice test system.I had 3 simulation questions right off the bat.

-Match a port number with a service
-Match security controls with a system
-Review logs and determine a problem(this one stumped me)

I wanted to thank everyones input on her on the test which helped greatly and to Darril.

Next is the CCNA then CCNA: Security.



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    Congrats on the Pass!!!

    I am also heading in the CCNA direction, fun times ahead. lol
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    Congrats. I also am a full time lurker, first time poster. I passed the Security+ today with a 856. Not too difficult. I have worked in IT for the past 3 years and have taken a course on Security+, but the whole exam thing scares me. Finally took it as a larger effort to get certified to show prospective future employers the knowledge I have. Kind of hard to articulate that you know something but you just haven't gotten the certification because you are cheap.

    My next moves are towards Windows 7, again to validate my knowledge, and then on to MCSA Server 2012. Once that is complete I'll work towards my CCENT/CCNA. I'm majoring in Information Security so I'll probably head the CCNA Security route as well. Good luck on your future tests.
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    @snakeuptilt. Congratulations on the pass. Glad the book helped. Good luck on the CCNA and CCNA:Security.

    @Willis127. Congrats on your pass and welcome to the forums as a poster. Good to hear that you're facing the fear of the "whole exam thing", and beating it. Good luck with the Windows 7 certs.
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    Congrats on the pass! icon_cool.gif
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    Congrats...! Any tips on reference material, I plan to take this up very soon.
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    w00t! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats on the pass and @Dakinggamer87 once I see that Donkey Kong it affirms that you pass i love that pic lol
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