Just passed Security+ exam

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Hello people,

I'm glad to say that I just passed on the security+ exam, it was my first certificate and I need to thanks Darril Gibson for his excelent book and the people here who helped with some information. My preparation was based only on Darril Gibson book, some reading of his blogs articles and some Professor Messer videos.

I am very happy, and now going to study for ITILv3F, ISO27002 (goods for my work) and later CCNA!

My score was not very good, just 794. But it was the necessary to pass :P Some questions confused me because english is not my native language and it had some grammar that I didn't actually know.

Some information to help other users..

My performance questions were 2 based on Malwares/Attacks, and the other to configure a WAP in a Wireless environment using the information of some AAA/LDAP/Wireless Controller Server(this one was really difficult to me).

About the questions I think if you study with Darril Gibson's book and understand the principals concepts you will be well prepared.



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