CCENT Pass!!

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Feeling pretty good right now. Was really not sure going into it but like others have said when you get bored of going over the same things its time to take it.

Passed my ICND1 yesterday with a 850!

Used TrainSignal (the Chris Bryant ones) and the WGU provided videos plus lots of time in front of the home lab.

I have wanted to get a use of my lab for the past 3 years and it finally paid off!

Thanks to everyone at TE
Had all of my WGU courses but too much to keep up on. I am working at it, will let you know when finished.


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    Congrats! Hopefully I'll be in the same boat soon :)
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    Congrats to you!!!
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    Nice job!
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    Congrats on your pass.
    Be sure to start preparing for ICND2 as CISCO has changed the pattern of ICND2.
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    Congrats! I am debating whether to take the CCENT or just go for broke and take the CCNA
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats!Any plans for the ICND2? Like d6bmg said it is worth taking the time to decide whether to bang it out now or go for the new one.
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    Grats on the pass Thall, might I ask you what did you use to study for your home lab, any workbooks or lab manuals?
  • NutsyNutsy Member Posts: 136
    Congratulations. Keep pressing on your CCNA. It does pay off when you get it.
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    Good Job! :) I would like pass CCENT for 3 weeks. I read CCENT ICND1 Offcial Cert Guide and watched CBT Nuggets. What do you think about time on exam, is sufficient (90min)?
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    Thank you everyone for the kind words.

    No question I will be continuing on to finish my CCNA, with a touch of urgency due to the new exam being announced.

    Monorion- I did not use a work book or anything specific. Lots of just sitting down and typing commands over and over and trying to ping things and making it all talk together. I got the commands from the two forms of videos I watched.

    r3solved- I have heard of people finishing right down to the wire. I left with 20 minutes remaining.
    Had all of my WGU courses but too much to keep up on. I am working at it, will let you know when finished.
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    Congrats on the pass! icon_thumright.gif
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    danny069 wrote: »
    Congrats! I am debating whether to take the CCENT or just go for broke and take the CCNA

    That depends on your experience and how much comfortable you are with CCNA course-ware.
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    Congrats icon_cheers.gif & good luck on the ICND2!
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    Congrats on the pass!
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