Network+ N10-005 Audio's??

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I am currently doing the Network+ self study guide by Todd Lammle but was looking to complement it with an audio book. (I'm a field engineer so do a lot of driving)

Preplogic do an audio lecture series for the N10-004 but not 005 yet. Can anyone tell me if this will make a huge difference using the N004 audio guide? or does anyone know of a 005 audio book?

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    Welcome to the forums sotech.

    I don't have any direct knowledge of an N10-005 audio book so can't answer your question directly. However, a few years back I worked at Langley and often commuted about two hours a day. I went through a lot of audio books and know how useful that was to me. With that in mind, I know that there is a lot of crossover between the N10-004 and N10-005 objectives so it will probably be useful but not ideal. If you can get audio for the N10-005 that would be your best choice, but I don't know of any off the top of my head.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for your reply Darril, I hope to be spending some time on the forum whilst becoming comptia certified. I have searched the internet since my post but haven't found anything other than the mentioned for the N10-004 by Prologic, I hope they release something for the N10-005 soon. If this is the case I will post the details, maybe this is something that could be of use to others.

    Thanks again.
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    This is what I did. If you have an Iphone or any kind of a smartphone download a voice recording app or use the built in one and record important things you need to remember and play them through your car if you have blue tooth or an aux cable. I recorded myself saying all the important network protocols and their port numbers. I played it over and over until I would learn them. I have to say I learned them after basically brainwashing myself driving down the road after about 1 day lol. I was even saying them along with my recording. But I agree it would be awesome if someone made Audios of this stuff. Next I'm going to record myself on the 7 OSI layers. There is a reason people can learn songs by listening to them over and over so why not Net+ :)
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    Professor Messor has podcasts for Network+ I believe which are also free.
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    where can I download the Network+ N10-005 Audio's ?
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    dwcoffin wrote: »
    Professor Messor has podcasts for Network+ I believe which are also free.

    Do you have a link maybe there could be something useful.
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    A friend used a CBT Nugget app for his smart phone to listen to videos while he drives
    No he only listens LOL
    He did say there were less video available than via normal viewing
    You do miss some not seeing the displays but if its a second time watching the audio helps sink in the information
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    CBT Nuggets actually has audio downloads of their series. The app was also updated just last week or so, so the limited ability of videos from a mobile device may be different now.
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