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Passed Security+ yesterday with 808. I'm glad its over.

Used Gibson book, app for iPhone and audio files when driving and another free study guides or practice questions on the internet.
I think I gave Darril enough money lol. But the book is great its definitely the bible for the Security+ exam.

The wording on the exam sucks! I'll tell you right now when I was reading the questions I felt like no matter what I selected for my answer it was going to be wrong. Then again some questions were so easy, one word in the question I knew the answer without even looking at the choices.

91 questions, 90 minutes to take. I finished with like 15 minutes left. 15 question survey at the end and hit end and wait for the longest 5 seconds of your life lol to see if you passed or not. I was shaking when I hit end then I saw CONGRADULATIONS You passed 808! What a weight off my shoulders. Good luck to anybody taking it, read Darills book, practice questions and read read read until your head hurts lol.

I feel this is a great cert to have given the fact that Security will ALWAYS be around in the technology world.


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