Passed 70-461 today

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I passed today with an 812. This was my first attempt at the exam.

I have about 3 years of experience in SQL Server, mostly in SQL Server 2008. I used the MS Press training kit w/Measure UP practice exams, TrainSignal videos, MSDN and lots of practice. Total study time was 4 weeks - I started after passing the CIW exam for Web Technologies through WGU. I set up a Server 2012 VM with SQL Server 2012 for practice. I work in SQL Server writing queries every day but I can't use the new SQL Server 2012 functions yet.

I did all the exercises in the MS Press book but skipped the case studies.

The book and videos covered covered most of what I needed. I did have to draw on experience for much of the exam as well. If you do not have some time with SQL Server under your belt, practice a lot before taking this exam. You need to be comfortable writing queries using all of the features and functions found in the book. Know the syntax for the major stuff cold.

The trainsignal videos were informative and well presented but I wish there was an option to speed up the video - sometimes he was covering subjects I was already familair with and I would prefer to at least be able to listen for anything I wasn't familair with.

If you plan to take this exam make sure you read the answer choices very carefully and compare the answers carefully with what the question is asking. It's easy to choose the right answer for the situation but the wrong answer for the question.

The keys to this exam are syntax, data types and practice, practice, practice!

Edited to add:
I wanted to add that IMO the trainsignal videos were an excellent value and did help reinforce the concepts I learned from the book and practice.
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    Carl well done and thanks for the follow up.
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    Thanks guys!
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    icon_cheers.gificon_cheers.gif well done Carl
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    Well done on the pass!
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    Hello guys;
    I just did my 461 exam today I just passed with 700 points.I have no experience working in industry yet .I just did a short term course of SQL server and I study the whole book for 2 weeks .So I just want to inspire people who like me are new to SQL server ,You can do it !there was about 10 question that you actually need to type the code by the way
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    Congrats Mariedomin! I failed the 70-461 the first go but I am going to retake it this coming Friday. Did you just use the MS Training Kit book?
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    Congrats and thank you for sharing
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    Hey Carl well done!!
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    please could you advise which books you used? I am having same as your situation, i am willing to take this exam and i have no commercial experience but i have a knowledge of SQL in general.
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    That is great. I used the training kit as well, but also use the measureup labs. I have some hands on at work but not like in the past.
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    Thanks for that it is helpful. I am an SQL noob but work are paying for me to go on the course for the 70-641 exam as I'm getting involved in some new projects next year. Just wanted to make a start as it is the one area of IT that I consider to be my weakest. I don't have to do the exam but figure if I am going on the course I may as well go all in and get the qualification too.
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    thanks for the feedback and congratulations. i am new in this . i did not know there are questions that require you to type the code.
    I thought they were all a,b,c d type questions
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