Passed my ITIL Foundation today...

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Passed my ITIL Foundation certificate today. Scored 85% in 25 minutes. Took me 1 week to prepare, used exclusively ''ITIL Foundation Exam Study Guide'' by Liz Gallacher & Helen Morris which is very good book imo.

Overall wasn't impressed with the test..... because these kind of tests you probably have in high school. Very easy and there is so much room for error (65% is passing score) that it's hard not to pass. I can't compare how tough were Cisco exams and how was this one. Basically if Cisco exams has the highest failure rate in this indstry then ITIL probably has the lowest :)

If my english language would have been native, then I guess I could have prepared even in less than week. Additionally can say that working already in work environment wthich uses ITIL framework helped to understand the principles better.


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    Congrats! I have been hearing this a lot about the ITIL Foundation exam but I've been seeing it a lot on job requirements and the mouse wants me to get it.
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    Congrats on pass!!! icon_thumright.gif
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    I just passed the ITIL Foundation exam (same scrore) and I spent about three weeks preparing for it. While most of the test consist of just memorizing the basic ideas and vocabulary, I still think those ideas are pretty important health of a successful IT department. If you've been in few IT environments where that type of organization does not exist, you come to appreciate the ideas ITIL can offer an organization.

    I think the ITIL Foundation exam is accessible to a big scope of people by design and I can appreciate this fact. I do believe more IT orginaizations need to adopt some of these best practices because IT can be a herd of cats. If an IT departments runs inefficiently, then you're outsourced because they can find someone to do cheaper.
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    LOL - "because IT can be a herd of cats". Thanks for the laugh disfunktedfish. So true, yet my cats would be offended. Our department is actually soon to go through ITIL Foundations training in about a month. I've been reading a couple books ahead because we have the option to take the exam at the end of the training, and I'd like to be ready. I'm finding the framework information to be really very helpful in changing the perspective of IT personnel to understand services better, and given that it seems our leadership is moving toward an ITIL methodology, I'm hopeful that the principles will make things better for IT personnel and our customers alike.

    Congrats on the pass armandsss!
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    I just bought the same book. I'm getting the impression this isn't the most difficult test?

    I'm very very good at memorization for tests.
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    Polynomial wrote: »
    I just bought the same book. I'm getting the impression this isn't the most difficult test?

    It's pretty easy. Don't worry... just read the book and if you are already working in work environment who is using ITIL framework, then it should be even easier. Do some couple of practice tests and you should be Ok !
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