I want to take the CCDA Exam

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Hello Guys :)
I decided to pursue the CCDA certification,, first of all: do I HAVE TO take CCNA first?? I read in their site that there are no prerequisites to taking the 640-864 DESGN exam..
I don't have cisco experience,, I'm a system administrator with Windows Server experience,, though I once watched a video course preparing for CCNA..
Also,, I really don't have the luxury to study everything,, I can only find two or four hours daily to study... Can I prepare in two months?? if not, how much time is required??

I already obtained the official study guide of Bruno and Jordan..

Please Advice icon_sad.gif


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    I'd highly suggest you go for the CCNA instead. Why would you want to be certified in the design track for something you have zero experience with?
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    Thanks for the fast reply :)
    I really want a Design career,, and I think the CCAr career path is the best for me,, I once watched a video course on CCNA and all I remember is all those command-lines which I may never use icon_sad.gif
  • networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    How are you goign to design a network without learning about them first?
    An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made.
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    No company will let someone design their network if they've never worked it before.
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    I would at minimum get a CCENT before even considering CCDA. There is a lot of high level networking to consider when designing networks.
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    [h=3]From Cisco...

    Announcement[/h] Beginning October 1, 2013, the CCENT certification will become a prerequisite prior to achieving the CCDA certification.
    » Learn More.
    Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) is for network design engineers, technicians, and support engineers, who enable efficient network environments with an understanding of network design fundamentals. A CCDA certified network professional demonstrates the skills required to design basic campus, data center, security, voice, and wireless networks.

    [h=2]Prerequisites[/h] There are no prerequisite certifications for CCDA, however knowledge at the CCNA level and the CCNP level for switching is recommended to pass the CCDA exam.

    [h=2]CCDA Exams & Recommended Training[/h]

    Required Exam(s)
    Recommended Training

    640-864 DESGN
    Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESGN)

    NOTE: Updated ICND1, ICND2, and CCNA Composite exams can be applied towards the achievement of several Cisco associate-level certifications. Please visit the Associate-level Exam Logic Tool for more details.

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    I would highly suggest getting an CCNA and A LOT of experience before attempting to go the Design Route. That doesn't mean you can't go for the cert but most people in design positions are very knowledgeable networking people that have years of industry experience.. I kind of want to go the Design route as well but I know I need to gain a lot of operational hands on experience before I can make that move. Just food for thought..
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    IMHO, there is absolutely no point in going for CCDA without at least a CCNA in R&S. I have seen one of my former classmates do it and he regrets it every day since - a lot of wasted time that could have been organized differently, cert and experience wise. Just wanted to share this real life example, the guys above me made excellent points so no need for more.
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    Thanks very much guys,, yeah I asked many other people so I think I have to take the CCNA first,, and maybe CCNP before considering CCDA..
    Thanks everyone for replying..
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    I highly recommend that you take the CCNA course. If you have basic knowledge of networking you dont have to make the CCENT. I started the CCNA course last April and so far its not that hard. You have to study to pass the exams coz if you dont you can say that youve failed.
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    Good advice here. A CCDA is kinda silly without some networking knowledge and experience.
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