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Things are comin up Milhouse! :) I passed 70-290 with a score of 812! With as much time and effort I put in I would have liked to score higher, but meh I'll take it!

One thing I figured out is that if they dont tell you to do it... DONT FREEKIN DO IT! Case in point:

Had a question that asked to configure share permissions on a folder for the Sales group. That was the only group that should have access. No mention was made of the fact that NTFS permissions needed to be set up and when you looked there, only Admins had ntfs access... Soooo after about 30 min (literally) of thinking about it, I decided NOT to touch ntfs permissions... Apparently that was the right thing to do since I got 100% in that area!

I'm so happy now I think I'm glowing brighter than Chernobyl! :)

Time to go buy doilys for the wife! :p


PS: I have some diagrams I made that might be useful to you guys... I'll post them up on my website and send the link if anyone's interested... Gives a nice visual on groups and what you can do with them and in what functional levels etc... I had a lot of trouble with that area... :)



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