List of software tools for a System Admin or PC Tech?

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I'm curious to know what software tools do you guys carry on a USB stick or portable hard drive for troubleshooting, recovery, maintenance and etc. I looked at some websites and the common tools I noticed are Firefox Portable, 7-Zip, Kee-Pass, FileZilla Portable, HiJackThis, Process Explorer and much more.


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    Prime 95
    3DP - installs network drivers
    Small Linux Distro
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    restart button
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    kurosaki00 wrote: »
    restart button


    Also, a fresh image on an external hard drive.
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    Image and reboot is about right. Those, maybe a network cable something to back up data.
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    I have IObit Malware Fighter, Spybot, Data Recovery Wizard, File Association Fixer, Ccleaner, Glary Utilities, Disk Defragger, and Avast free edition. I also have Iboostup for Mac, Mac Recovery free, and Avast for Mac. I downloaded them all from CNET. A lot of people say Comodo is a good firewall, but they changed it and now it has all this extra stuff that can slow down a computer. I think AVG is better but I haven't updated my list of tools yet.
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    The Swiss army knife | FalconFour's Ultimate Boot CD

    Has a Windows PE environment with various tools, Also has DOS tools which enable you to flash CMOS passwords etc.

    Multiboot USB DVD Builder | Windows | SARDU

    Another good tool allows you to create a multi boot dvd i.e have 4 linux distros or tools on one cd

    Linux is your freind if you need to identify drivers and windows is being a pain in the ass fire it up get
    into a command line and type lspci -l
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    YFZblu wrote: »

    Also, a fresh image on an external hard drive.

    Only on an SSD and preferably in an eSATA or USB 3.0 enclosure if you are working with machines that have either one of those ports. Cuts down the install time dramatically when you have all that bandwidth as USB 2.0 often chokes at the low speeds. If you're really savvy, you can get a high-end USB 3.0 flash drive, make it bootable, and use it to re-image like wowzers!
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    When I was doing Desktop Support I never carried many software tools - IMO attempting to manually detect/remove malware at desktop endpoints is a waste of time and I usually had more important things to do than worry about what my Users clicked on. I would just backup the profile, nuke and pave. If the malware infected the profile itself and the User got popped again, I would reimage with no profile restoration.

    If a drive went bad or a fan went out I would provide the User with a new machine I had waiting in the wings, and a warranty repair tech would be out within 24 hours.
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    I've got:
    - ClamWin Portable (A/V)
    - DTaskManger Portable (Task Manager)
    - Revo Uninstaller Portable
    - Spybot Portable (Spyware)
    - TreeSize Portable (Space Utilization)
    - TrueCrypt (Encryption)
    - WinMTR Portable (Networking)

    But I really don't use the malware detection much, it's easier to just pull the drive out and use my usb adapter to hook it up to my netbook and scan there.
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    What do some system admins use for back up? disaster recovery?

    Do you use the built-in Windows/Server backup?
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    Double Driver
    Tree Size
    Sysinternals Suite

    A few were already listed.
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    I think it really depends on the role and the type of things you work with.

    P.S. Surprised no one mentioned a browser yet icon_wink.gif Not for googling mind you, but for accessing all the web-based GUIs

    P.P.S. And where is a Linux LiveCD?
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    Santa_ wrote: »
    What do some system admins use for back up? disaster recovery?

    Do you use the built-in Windows/Server backup?

    Symantec Backup Exec is what I use. As for tools some of them include:

    CCleaner, WireShark, PuTTy, Tree Size
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    kurosaki00 wrote: »
    restart button
    LOL I guess that works also
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