Passed Security+ 5/9

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Hi Everyone!

I thought I would share my experience as well. I Passed with a score of 773, this was definitely tougher than I thought. I wished I studies a lot of more of the ports. As with the growing trend, I had 6 simulations all in the beginning. They weren't particularly hard, but I had to read the description a couple of times to figure out what they were really asking for.

I mostly used Darril's book. It was a great resource for this exam. I probably would have done better if I didn't skim over the parts that I thought I knew. I used his app for the iphone as well when I was on the bus and didn't have room for a book or laptop. Also, I used online flash cards from It's a great website for anyone needing to memorize any material!

Up next is either OSCP or CISSP. Any thoughts?


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    congrats! the site looks great and i am printing out flash cards right now! thanks for the advice.
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    Congrats! Thanks for the flashcards website :)

    I think that both certs require significantly more experience and/or skills than Sec+. OSCP would be valuable for a pentester, where CISSP more for a manager. Good luck!
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    Congrats on the pass. I'm not familiar with OCSP but do know that the CISSP certification is highly valued. It's also significantly more difficult than than the Security+ exam. Many people do the SSCP certification as an interim certification before the CISSP.

    Good luck on whatever path you take.
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    Congrats! I passed my Security+ about a week ago with an 814. Next up for me is SSCP/CCENT and studying both at the same time is quite the challenge. I personally want the technical learning that comes along with the SSCP, not in a rush to go into management, so the CISSP can wait for a little while.
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Up next is either OSCP or CISSP. Any thoughts?
    Disclaimer: I don't hold either of these certs. Firstly I will direct you to this post:

    I have done some research online and talked to CISSP holders I work with. OSCP seems to be geared towards hands on pentesting experience. CISSP is wider in scope and not as deep. Right now I am more interested in understanding OSCP. To get there, I will take Network+ next and then set this up at home:
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    Congrats on the pass SpencerClark! I think others have covered the differences in the OSCP and CISSP...I vote OSCP!
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    Congrats.. I was thinking of taking it soon....
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    THanks Fat32,

    If you are interested in taking the Network+, I would recommend Professor Messer on Youtube. He's good, smart, thorough & just funny enough. Best of luck!
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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