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I passed Switch today. It is definitely more of a memorization test then Route. I got a 901/1000. I have Tshoot scheduled for next Friday. I have already read the Tshoot OCG and I have been going over some practice stuff. From what I hear it's not too hard and you should try and take it as soon as possible after the first 2 so that is why I'm taking it so soon.


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    Congrats, you are knocking out the CCNP at a pretty good pace! What's next after you pass TSHOOT?

    I may be jumping into R/S soon myself. I've been offered a job that is mainly routing and switching with voice and security duties in a backup role. Large company with EIGRP and DVPN GRE implementation. I want a new challenge but don't love routing like I do voice so going to be a tough decision.
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    After Tshoot I will take a break for a few months and work on some Linux and scripting skills and read some of the CCIE books to get a feel for the topics I don't have much experience with (QoS and Multicast). This winter I plan to officially begin the CCIE push. All signs point to the curriculum getting a revamp soon so I will wait that out and wait for the training material to catch up before making the official push to complete the test. I figure once I make the official push it is going to take me a good year to prepare for the CCIE lab exam. It just has so many different topics that you need to be proficient in to pass the test. The step from CCNP to CCIE is a pretty big one so I don't want rush it too much. Also the test is very expensive to take.
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    @Jackace - congrats - you are moving at a phenomenal pace! icon_thumright.gif
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    Good job!
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    Great job. That Switch exam is tough.
    Good luck on the rest of CCNP.
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    Congrats on your pass. :)
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