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I'm an Information Technology graduate ( bachelors degree) that is unable to find a job in that field. Would Security Plus help land my a job ?


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    It might. Many employers recognize that there are many significant IT risks out there and the Security+ cert shows that you have at least a basic understanding of these risks. I'm not sure if you're unable to land interviews, or you're unable to get job offers after the interviews. If you're not getting interviews, the problem is very likely your resume and cover letter or email intro. Overall, an education combined with some certs does increase your chances of getting an interview. Once you get the interview you can demonstrate your knowledge, ability to communicate, and ability to get along with others.

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    Network+ is a suggested prerequisite to Security+:
    Security certification, CompTIA Security+ certification
    Depending on your knowledge, you may want to start with Network+ (or even its suggested prerequisite - the A+ cert). Both certs are excellent. I found studying for Network+ particularly informative.
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