Free online videos for the New CCENT exam

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I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any free videos online for the new CCENT exam that just came out?


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    Much of the material for the new CCENT is from the old CCENT and about three quarters of the old CCNA. They made the new CCENT much harder than it was. Are you looking for a start to finish CCENT class video(as I am not sure of any free ones specific to the new CCENT) or a bunch of topical videos that cover the concepts on the new CCNET exam? If it is the later, you can google youtube and chris bryant and he has a lot of free videos.

    I will be interested what others have to offer up.

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    Oh ok thanks so much, I actually have access to the Chris Bryant videos on Udemy, they are for the old exam but they are good, also have the old cbt nuggets too. I was thinking about just taking the old CCENT and then studying for the new ICND2/CCNA maybe. I also have Packet Tracer.
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    There is a very good series of videos on youtube be CCIE Kevin Wallace, hope this helps

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    Thanks, I forgot about him, he has a lot of good stuff out.
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    INE is giving their CCNA videos free right now.
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    sucanushie wrote: »
    INE is giving their CCNA videos free right now.

    Have they released ones for the new exams. I used/am using them for the old ICND1/ICND2 and will use them for CCNA: Voice.
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  • sucanushiesucanushie Member Posts: 163
    As far as I know no.

    The being said I still think they are good to prepare for the new exams.
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