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I had a few concerns about entering the IT Field. First off, I have a bachelors in Marketing and am currently employed in the field. Some time ago I saw a job for Business Intelligence which I thought was pretty cool, but was not able to go for it due to lack of technology experience. As I explored the IT Field, I found it very fascinating and took on a liking for databases. I am currently finishing up my A+ cert and will most likely go on to Network+. Will my BA in Marketing be sufficient to meet BA needs and my certs will be able to land a job? I plan on getting a job in help desk after my Network+ in order to build experience.


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    Starting off with you A+/Network+ is a good start and the helpdesk experience will really get you into the IT field. It's where I also started. You will want to look into the Microsoft certifications in the database area. SQL is really popular. In regards to your degree not being in the IT area wont necessarily hurt you. Most IT places would like the degree to be in an IT discipline but there are always corporations out there who wouldnt mind having someone who knows that side of business and therefore knows more about the business needs. I would say your on the right track! Just dont become stagnant in the helpdesk area. After six months to a year you can move into desktop support or even junior system/server administration roles. I spent a year and half as a helpdesk tech for 2 different companies. That was long enough! Good luck!
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    Thank you very much for your input! It is a weight lifted off my shoulders. Well I know what I have to do now, and I am glad that I found this great forum/community to help me along the way.
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    I agree, this degree can mean you understand the business standpoint and can turn out to be an asset for some companies. The CompTIA certs are a great start. I think you should look into Microsoft/Oracle certifications for SQL after that. MySQL Database Administrator, Oracle DBA, and Microsoft Certified Database Administrator are options to get into database administration.
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    Being dual-hatted in marketing and IT can definitely work to your advantage. There are a lot of software vendors out there who prefer sales and marketing representatives who also have a solid technical understanding of the product.
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    That's is great to hear! The past few months I've been stressing that I would have to go back to school and the certs wouldn't be enough. Thank you all for your support! I am glad I found you guys, I will be interacting with this community more often as well as stacking up my certs! lol.
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    Hey guys, I am about to take my A+ exam. Can I took both tests in one sit in? Is it doable to do so or take a break and come back?
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    You can sit both exams the same day if you feel ready for them both. And if you want to be a database admin, I would skip some of these entry level certs and dive right into learning SQL and other NoSQL technologies. Learn about data stores and warehousing and download SQL Server 2012 and setup a lab environment. Research some good books off Amazon.
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    Thanks for the info Krones. The reason I am getting the entry level certs is to get my foot into the door. That way I can gain experience in the field while studying for SQL.
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    Good combination it's as if you planned it from the very beginning, you are killing two birds with one stone i like your vision @Addixtion and you should know better your strategy is good for businessicon_thumright.gif
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    Thank you for your input! Yes I planned my IT career path with my cousin who is an IT Director for a company. He has guided me and told me his recommendations and what the industry is looking for. His time is limited, so I do not get to chat with him as much as I like.
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    Hey guys!

    OK, so I am about to take my A+ exam next week. I know once I have completed that I will start my Network+. As I stated before, my ultimate goal is to become a DBA. However, I have just "seen" what it is like and read into it without having experience. Is there any job that I should pursue where I would be able to touch on a bit of everything and see what I like and concentrate from there? I remember CompTIA had an assessment test which would tell you what you would be good at or interested in but it was down. Any suggestions would be grateful!
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    Helpdesk generally gives you a very large overview. Jack of all trades, master of none. It MIGHT give you a better idea of what to focus on, depending on the type of desk you get to and the amount of freedom they give you.

    Also, could you post the CompTIA link you were talking about previously?
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    Hey here is the site from CompTIA but it says it is unavailable now: CompTIA Website Error
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