NEED ADVICE HELP! About Security+

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I passed my A+ and Network+ fairly easy. I mean I studied pretty hard but it wasnt rocket science.

I picked up my Security+ book today and read the whole thing. It pretty much seems to focus on PKI/SSL/ACL's/PPP/PPTP/L2PT or so.

Can anyone tell me, as far as difficulty, how hard is this test in comparison to A+ or NET+??

I noticed also, the passing score seems to be "higher" than all the other exams I have this because this exam is considered "easier" and thus you should know more....or is it harder and they want a higher score?? I dont understand?

And anyone taking the test..what was the MOST accurate study tool ? Which book EXACTLY was most like the test and resembled the questions on the actual test?

I would really enjoy someone who has passed this test to simply take 5 mins and help a guy out....fill me in on what this exam is about really, difficultly factor compared to the other exams I've taken, and what i should consentrate on to pass.....cause COME on there is like 10000 acromyns and different security mechanics...i mean EVERY page had a totally different ACL,TBACS,RADIUS,TATCAS....does the test go over ALL of them or realistically, does the test just go over the BIG ones?
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    The Sybex book has some wrong information in it so i would shy away from that one. If you are new to security (as most of us are/were) then I eould recommend the Syngress or Que Training books as well as the Technotes on this site. The exam cram book isnt bad (but you should only read that one until you have completed the other one.

    Definitely use more than opne resource. That's how I found mistakes in the books I bought. Also, some books cover topics more in depth than others and vice versa.

    Good luck
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    Best guides I used was 'MS Press" and 'Syngress' and Tcat.

    Best video based training was CBT Nuggets and best exam testing software was 'transcenders'.

    Good Luck with the study and exam. :D:D
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    how well you know security, dont read one book and expect to take the exam. i took a class on network security for 9 mon and have read several books before i took the test, i also read and took every practice test i could get my hands on
  • Ten9t6Ten9t6 Member Posts: 691 will be tested on all those acronyms. And all the material listed so far, is good for the test. I used the Syngres book for the exam.


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    Looks like the study material has been covered pretty well.

    As far as the exam goes it is far more difficult than A+ or Net+. If you read the recommendations on the Comptia site they should give you some indication.
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