Passed TSHOOT, got CCNP!

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I passed today with 937. This was by far the easiest of the 3 tests, but I do feel like if you weren't experienced at troubleshooting networks it could be difficult.

The abort button was very useful. I ended up with 50 minutes remaining at the end.. The first few tickets were stumping me, so I aborted them, then the next few were super easy ones to solve that took only a minute, and was able to catch up on the hard ones later on!

Happy to get CCNP, I think I'll relax for a while and decide if I want to pursue a RHCE cert, another language, or maybe some security certs. Maybe I'll even get the crazy idea of going for CCIE..

For non-cert related studying there are some more labs I'm interested in doing for fun:

Try using Yersinia to do some attacks, then shut them down using ip arp inspection. This was really fun with Cain & Abel.
Finish all of the CCNP lab guide book labs for interesting topics.
Gain an even more in depth knowledge of BGP.
Learn TCP troubleshooting in Wireshark as well as I know VoIP troubleshooting.

Keep Learning! Good luck to everyone studying for CCNP!


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    crrimson wrote: »
    Gain an even more in depth knowledge of BGP.
    Congratulations, and enjoy! The CCNP-SP/CCIP track goes into more depth with BGP. Of course, one of the nice things about a new certification, is often it comes with new responsibilities, and hopefully you'll get to play with these protocols plenty in the field. :)
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    Congrats fella.

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    Welcome to the club. :D
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    Killer! way to go man...go for the whole enchilada and get that CCIE #
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    What technologies and protocols do you use at work? What was the easier test to study for: ROUTE or SWITCH?
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