Which cert to start with?

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I have been in the field for 2 years, first as a Field Tech at a Mom Pop shop, and now as a Help Desk/Field Tech at a bank. I was lucky to get my foot in the door, and then managed to learn a lot when I did. So, now, here I am, but I am wanting to do more.

I am studying for a two year degree at the local community college, but it is kind of lacking. A lot of the stuff that I am learning is stuff I have already learned from being on the job, so now I am looking elsewhere. I was thinking about trying for some certs, and then perhaps moving to WGU.

I hear that most people go for A+ and then Networking+.

I feel I am past the point that A+ is useful, and I tend to find Networking really dull. Perhaps I just haven't dug into it enough. Would it be best to set my teeth and dig into the Networking, so at least I have the fundamental basics down? I was also looking to do the 680 exam with Windows 7, but I heard that is difficult, and I would hate to try and learn something that I am not really ready for.

I posted about this in another area, but I feel a bit lost and confused. I am in the field, but a 2 year degree from the local community college feels useless, and I have no idea where I want to focus on in order to get a cert. If there are general paths that would be good until I somehow find a focus, that might be good? I am honestly not sure.


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    What parts of your past/current job did you enjoy the most or did you see areas that interested you?

    Once you answer those questions, then you can answer the Cert questions
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    Security and Server administration interests me, while Network administration doesn't. This led me to perhaps prepare for MCTS 70-680, but I do not actually have experience in a Windows 7 corporate setting. I currently work as a Help Desk/Tech in a XP setting, but they are looking to move forward.

    Perhaps Network+ to go ahead and fill my Networking knowledge gaps? Then, is it okay to jump right to the 70-680, or is there a better path to take that will build me up for it? I saw the MTA's, but I heard they are easy, and near-useless.
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