Why is this not working for me?!

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I've been studying the LabSim stuff, went through some of the Professor Messor videos, read the little book WGU gives access to and work even enrolled me in the CBT Nugget series. I just can't seem to get to a point and make the 90%/95% that my mentor is wanting. The highest Ive gotten is an 86%. I've been prepping for 2, almost 3 months now and I feel I gave a decent grasp on everything.

I feel when I start taking the test I just forget everything or just misread the question. Beside the "slow down and read" wht are tips, tricks and resources you found worked for you?
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    I used flash cards, read Darril Gibson's Book. I also watched CBT Nuggets with Michael Shannon for SY0-301. I found him to be very informative. Aside from all of that I printed out the end of video review for the LabSim. I found that to be helpful the week before my test. Hope this helps.
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    86 is pretty close to 90. If you were at 68 after 3 months Id say you were in trouble.

    I have trouble with the question phrasing myself. What I do is read the question and then eliminate the answers I know are wrong aand why they're wrong. That usually cuts at least 2 out. If Im still stuck Ill try to search for a keyword which usually eliminates the remaining option. Sometimes if then I'm not sure Ill flag it and come back to it. Because when I later come back to it I usually pickup something I missed.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
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    I read, then reread the "Get Certified Get Ahead" book. I covered all the practice questions, on the day of the test I reread as many of the "Remember This" sections as I could. I also used the Security+ Passport book by Mike Myers. It was kind of dated in some areas but the included CD with practice questions helped me find any weak areas. I also watched the Professor Messer videos. I studied all the way up until I got in the car to drive to the test center.

    The actual test isn't quite so difficult if you identify weak areas and study on those beforehand. I personally had to slow down and read each and every question. I forced myself to sit and read then read the question again before answering on the test. I watched the videos on the test twice and thought for a minute on the answer. I did the same for the simulated questions. When I'd reached the end of the test I went through each and every question again just to be 110% sure I didn't miss anything. The actual test was only 70 questions and I had a number that were videos or simulations. As long as you know your ports, protocols you shouldn't have any major issues. 86% is a decent score and if you hit that on the test you'll pass.

    Good Luck!
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    Just some food for thought.

    I too used the LabSim videos, as well as an Exam Cram for reference, and the Emmet Dulaney Study guide. When I was taking the practice tests at the end of the LabSim course, I was getting scores like 76, 68, 74. Not great, but not bad either IMO. Even with that, I still took the Sec+ exam and passed. I think I got a 790/900.

    I used every last second I could to take the test. Read, re-read and flagged, then read the question again and finally answered it. Take your time. Sounds like you're confident enough. Get in there and knock it out!
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    I agree with bhurst77. 86 is pretty close to 90 so I'd say that a lot of it is working for you. One thing I often mention related to practice test questions is to make sure you read the explanations so that you know why the correct answers are correct and why the incorrect answers are incorrect. This makes it easier to use a process of elimination as bhurst77 mentions. Ideally, you should be able to look at any question and know why the correct answer is correct and why the incorrect answer is incorrect. If you can't, dig into the topic a little deeper.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks guys, I have it scheduled for the 4th. Im surprised I found a center open but I confirmed they were so hopefully I'll pass and get to celebrate with some fireworks icon_thumright.gif
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