Network+ or CCNA?

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Currently working on obtaining A+ cert. I have basic knowledge of OSI and TCP/IP models and how to configure routers/switches already from college courses. Which of these two certifications should I pursue? Or should I get both? I'm looking to get CCNA/CCNP Security in the future.


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    I would jump straight into the Cisco CCNA and maybe review a Network+ book just to brush up any missing gaps. Since you already have some networking knowledge and fundamentals such as TCP/IP and the OSI model.
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    I am starting with network+ but if you are confident to take a higher exam go for CCNA if you prefer not to waste time.
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    I did some research on this question and most people will tell you to go for the CCNA and skip Net+. CCNA holds more value. At the end of the day everyone's situation is different. I had the same dilemma and decided to study Net+ first to give me some confidence as well as a good foundation. Hopefully I will be passing the Net+ soon and will go for the CCNA next.
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    A more apples to apples comparison would be "Network+ or CCENT?". If you already have some existing knowledge to build upon, I'd recommend going straight for the CCENT. From there, you can decide between CCNA or CCNA Security.
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    Consider CCNA and then move toward Sec exams..
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    I went through the Net+ and it really helped now that i'm going for the CCNA! It gives you prior knowledge that in my opinion cisco assumes you already have when studying for the ccna exams.
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    I would go for the Network+ first and then get the CCNA. You will have two more certs to put on your resume instead of one and the network+ will help you prepare for the CCNA. I had passed the A+ years ago and then the next week took the Network+ and missed the passing score by just a few points. Immediately after I got hired for an IT job and figured I didn't need the Network+ since I got hired and gave up on the cert. I wish I got the Network+ taken care of before they started putting expiration dates on their certs. I am restudying what I already knew years ago and am giving myself only 2 weeks to prepare for the exam. In my opinion comparing the two exams I think the CCNA is a much harder exam and covers a lot more.
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    Both of them are probably good certifications to get, so I think the real question should be which to get first. I would answer CCNA, just to get it on your resume. I think CCNA might give you a better chance of getting a job with a private company or even landing a contract to set up a network for a business, whereas Network+ would be a better fit for a consulting job.
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    I did my N+ and am a much more well-rounded network guy because of it.
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    I would recommend do your Net+ first then ccna. a lot of the general concepts of networking you will get from Net+ that will help with CCNA, and then you can focus mainly on cisco specific objectives for ccna. If you do it in reverse CCNA to Net+ then Net+ will be a walk in the park for you. But you should do both. CCNA will be more job rewarding though.
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    Thanks everybody for your feeedback. Since budget is tight, I will review Network+ and study for CCNA, but only sit the CCNA exam.
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    N+, ICND1 (CCENT), ICND 2

    Good luck!
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    I agree ^ N+, ICND1, ICND2, although I do not have my N+ I am planning to do the full CCNA to get it out of the way before September. I have my A+ and Sec+ but I feel like i have something missing without my N+ lol
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