Best certification for a joat

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Hello all, I'm wondering what would be the best certification for someone who stuck in a tipycal joat SMB roles to break through in more advanced / specialized / enterprise role - MCSE: Private Cloud, MCSE: Server Infrastructure, VCAP:DCA, VCAP:DCD, RHCE?
All thoughts, comments and suggestions are very welcome!


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    Depends on what your present domain or role is. They are all of different domains.
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    Well, being a jack of all trades in small company means that I have to cover all the roles, I can go from setting up an Exchange to fixing a printer to troubleshooting a manager's iPhone to managing the vSphere and zoning a switch in one day, but the problem is that all my knowledge and experience are mile wide, but an inch deep. So that's why I'm trying to find a path a more focused and professional role.
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    I think certifications like PMP, ITIL foundation, CISSP make you a well rounded professional. Having skills and knowledge of projects management, IT service management, and Information security gives you an edge for higher level positions.

    Skills in Storage, Backup, and Virtualisation are very important. If you can get vendor certs/training in these areas then definitely go for it.
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    What do you want to specialize in? Do you want to be super specialized/expert in one specific area, or do you want to just eliminate some of the other noise like working with phones... still have variety but be spread less thin?
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    Microsoft server certification is always nice to have. I think that would be number one.
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    Just follow your passion whether it is in virtualization (you may need to know more than one OS), networking, or InfoSec. If you want to start to specialize you may want to go for the 1st level certifications in that realm.
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    What the hell is a joat?
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    What the hell is a joat?

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    Just get the most desired certs in all of the "main" domains.
    Get some MS server certs, Cisco certs, Security certs, and visualization certs.
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