Building skills and knowledge in IT

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Hi all,

I am working as junior technician with the help desk coordinator in my learner ship program, sometimes i come across little problems i cannot solve something like exporting mails and i also have a problem with trouble shooting desktop issues as well. At work we have these MCITP books to play around with and according to my knowledge MCITP has fallen out, my question is, in the meantime is it a good idea to read the and build my skills and knowledge and maybe get prepared for the future MS exams that i am going to take later in the year or i am i just wasting my time reading these books? FYI am currently preparing for the net+ exam and i was planning to do this after completing my net+ exam, i am going to buy books for the MCSE exam when i start the course.

Please tell me if all this is appropriate in terms of building knowledge and skills and preparation.


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