VMWare MCSA equivalent

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I'm curious about VMWare certs. I was wondering which VMWare cert is equivalent to Microsoft's MCSA. Thanks!


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    That's an apples to oranges question. To answer your question though, the VCP MCSA level. The VCAP's are MCSE level, the VCDX is MCM/MCA level. It all depends on your level of experience and aptitude.
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    Although VCP-DV is only one exam, I would say the level of knowledge/experience required is similar to what Microsoft intended for the current MCSA cert (also not an entry level, IMO, but not an advanced cert either).

    I would stress that an "entry level" or "beginner" VMware datacenter cert does not really exist. Some knowledge is assumed in the domains of networking, operating systems, hardware, and storage.
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    Thanks for the replies. I have decided to pursue getting the MCSA first before diving in to VMware certs.
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