Passed 801 this morning.

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This morning I passed the 220-801 exam. I got a 721 out of 675. I studied for about 3 months on and off and then really studied the past week. The Hurricane Sandy events really took up my time the past few months, re-designing the network from scratch in Newark, NJ; rebuilding HP Procurve CLI's on 8 switches; and then re-doing a entire fiber backbone all while supporting 500 screaming users whom just wanted to work, lol. I've been a self-taught IT professional, however I've just recently figured it will be good to get some certifications.

I'm a IT manager during the day, I've been doing things with A+ land since I was 12 and I'm 28 now. I basically do this stuff all day long at work, I guess I'm what some call the 'jack-of-all-trades' IT department for 1500 users. icon_lol.gif

Tomorrow I'm taking the 220-802 and the N10-005 exam.

I've been using the Exam Cram books, the **** sheet really helps allot. However most of the stuff in the A/Net + book I've done quite a bit at work. Is it possible to study too much?

Does anyone have some pointers?


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    Congratulations on the pass. Good luck on the other half of A+ and the Net+.
    Pointers? Just study, study, study.
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    Congrats on pass!!

    Good luck on second exam keep on studying.. icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats on your pass! Good luck with the 802 and Net+.
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    Nice, congrats!
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    I'm super annoyed now, I went and took the 220-802 this morning and got a 695/700 and failed the exam. However 1:45 minutes later I took the N10-005 Exam and got a 820/720 on the exam and passed so go figure!

    I use Network + stuff more in my daily job than the normal A+ stuff. Ironically I believe my biggest problem is re-teaching myself how CompTIA wants a problem resolved and how I do things to get them working; if this makes any sense what-so-ever....

    ahh well, I passed the 1st 220-801 exam so it was probably a fluke or something.

    Questioning is should I invest in this 3 for 1 deal from CompTIA for the A+ voucher and free re-take voucher or if I should just pursue the Sec +. I have the Exam Cram book however I've just skimmed the reading...
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    well I've been studying all night and I will most of tomorrow (this week is my vacation) and I'm going to retake the exam on Friday. I'm also taking the 70-640 exam on Monday morning, so that should be easy. I can build a AD directory blind-folded....
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    Sounds like you're on the ball w/ the certs and that's pretty solid.
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    w00t w00t, I retook the exam this morning for the 220-802 exam and I got a 740/700 and passed. I'm now finally A+ Certified as-well! --- now to enjoy the rest of my vacation and relax till Monday and then I think the end of next week I'll re-read the MCTS Books for 2008 and take the 70-640 exam in about 2 weeks. My confidence is sky high right now. :)

    I know the MCSA: 2008 expires in January so I better get crackin' But I do like how the content in the in A+, Net+ and Sec+ plus all pretty much have the same content in the MCSA exam prep books. Yes I've read the Sec + book as-well, but since MCSA: 2008 is no longer going to be offered a few months I want that cert badly! - my job used 2008 right now and because of a ERP we probably won't be moving to 2013 anytime soon, so the MCSA: 2008 is a must have for me!

    Once that is finished I'll move back to the Sec + and then the Project + seem the likely choice. I'll probably do the CCENT after that for the Cisco pursuit.... I can't wait!

    Question: is confience normally this high after completing these certs knowing there not as hard as they seem as-long as you study and know the material?
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