Do I really need my Sec+ if I have my CCNA to meet DOD 8570?

wlind9999wlind9999 Member Posts: 17 ■■■□□□□□□□
I remember reading but can't find it now that if you have a current CCNA that you do not need the Sec+ in regards to be 8570 compliant. I fail to see how the Sec+ fits into the Networking role that I am trying to get not to mention I'd rather spend the money working towards my CCNP.


  • megatran808megatran808 Member Posts: 53 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Requirement is Sec+ to be DoD 8570 compliant. CCNA is not a substitute.

    You can go for other Certs that would fulfill the 8570 requirements like SANs Certs.
    Dept of Defense Directive: DoDD 8570
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  • SephStormSephStorm Member Posts: 1,732
    No my friend, someone is confused. CCNA would fulfill the computing environment requirement for a networking IAT role. You would still need a mainline cert, if you want to do pure networking, then I would suggest the Network+ as your mainline and the CCNA as your CE cert.
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    I'm pretty sure they are more worried about the main line certs though. But if you're able to pass the CCNA then Security+ should be pretty easy.
  • wlind9999wlind9999 Member Posts: 17 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Thanks everyone, I have my Net+ already. I could have sworn I saw the CCNA as a substitute for the Sec+ about a year ago perhaps. I guess Comptia conned the military good on this one. :)


    The reason I'm asking mainly is because I am trying to get back over to Iraq and the contracting firm I was speaking to asked only for the CCNA.
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    A lot of places will bring you on without the Security+ under the agreement you obtain it within a certain amount of time. My previous company did this, but required that I had it prior to my start date (2 weeks).
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    Your job role is irrelevant... A networking cert will not suffice for the 8570 requirement. If you're going to be granted administrative rights on a DoD network, you need to fulfill the 8570 requirement. I have a CCIE and am required to hold a Security+ and CISSP for my current position. Same as Mrock4 for me; I was hired without those certs, but had to get them within a specific time frame.
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    I believe the old adage to abide by is that anyone in a DoD IT role with elevated privledges (admin type rights) or access (versus say, a regular user) requires Security+ per 8570.

    Ditto ditto as for having to have it for my job. I was actually required to have it as part of my duties while active duty but never got around to it seeing as I separated. Needed it for my first contracting job (was hired without it but had to get it within 90 days) as well as my current position which also requires CEH.
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