Names for my employers new intranet?

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I work for Vertex, a utilities solutions company based out of the UK, and there is a contest going on to name our newly redesigned intranet. I could win a $100 gift card. Sweet deal, right? Anyway, I thought I'd fish for ideas here.


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    PM me for the address for the gift card. ;)

    Alternatively, Vertexnet. Vertenext. Vertranext.

    Seriously, I cannot see a non-portmanteau solution to this.
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    VertexVortex !!!
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    If you think that's lame, I went geometry style, and my first choice was "Angle". Think of a triangle, and you get what I'm saying.


    No, "Triangle" is more lame, and the association you'd have to make wouldn't be good.

    How about you get really creative, and call it something totally unrelated?

    What is a favorite term at your company? you could call it that.

    I was a student at one college, and all the servers were named after something agricultural. One server was "okra". Another was "catfish" for example. I recall that catfish had much greater performance than okra. Important stuff to know when you were mudding while working as an undergrad lab assistant in the computer labs.

    Haha. Fun times.
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    bigdogz wrote: »
    VertexVortex !!!

    That was my first and only idea, already submitted it. I'm hoping the apathy of my coworkers will work to my advantage by mine being the only entry received.
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    Vertrudis. End of story.
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    Or tell them "THE GRID" and anytime someone references it just start saying "The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships? motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see."
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    lsud00d wrote: »


    Yeah, it's a good play on words there.

    I was going to go for "InVert" instead of my previous submission of "VertIn"

    To the OP:

    Are you limited in the number of entries you can make?
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    No, I can submit as many as I want.
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    This might be a little too far out there, but you could call it... "Intranet" or "The Intranet," since that's what your users will call it.
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    Just call it the "Employee Portal" and be done with it. The staff will simply call it the "Portal." Else, slap on the name "Apex" with the subheader of "On top of your employee needs."
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    I'm not greedy; just send me 1% of gift card or buy a homeless a coffee :)
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