R&S Written done... Time for the lab.

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Passed the written last week. Yay me! :D

Now that that's behind me, I have spent the first part of this week getting my stuff together to prepare for the lab. I have the All Access Pass to INE's material. I have already gone through most of Brian's videos and I highly recommend them. Going to start working through Workbook 1 from start to finish to work out my weak areas. I came across routergods post on here for the dynamips version of Workbook 1. While I do have several available rack rental hours over at INE, I like working with dynamips too and this is going to save me a pretty good bit of time. So thanks for that work and donation, routergods.

I have been given an almost unlimited amount of work hours to complete this. I work for a Cisco Gold partner and we just recently lost one of our CCIE's. So, they have allowed me to work from home to focus on this primarily. They have kept my workload down to almost nothing. That helps tremendously!

I'm probably not going to post a blog type thread to track my status, but I will certainly come back to update attempts made at the lab.


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    Good luck bud. Good to see that your workplace thinks very highly of you and are offering to help you to achieve this amazing goal.

    Look forward to see some updates!
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    Man, what a break. Best of luck on your continuing journey to your number!

    You're bound to get it though.... :D
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    That's awesome of your company to do!! Congrats and goodluck!
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    Right on! Keep plugging away and it will happen. Congrats on the written!
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    Congrats! Good luck on the next part of your journey.
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    You completed basic training. Now they are sending you to 'Nam.

    Congrats and good luck, bruh.
  • Master Of PuppetsMaster Of Puppets Member Posts: 1,210
    Awesome! Congrats! Now comes the real challenge! Good luck and have fun!
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