How much salary for my experince

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Hello everyone,

I have 2 year college degree in Business Admin.

MCSE 2003
CCNA Certified.

I am working as a network administrator in small company. My employer hired me as entry level with 30k. It has been 3 year now no salary increase. I would like to request know, what you think as per my certification and experience, how much salary I suppose to get.

Thank you all.
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    I'm no expert, but with MCSE, A+, Network +, CCNA, and three years IT experience you should be well above 30K.

    My guess would be at least 40-45K. Might be time to search for a better job.
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    i aggree.

    but, you should push up your value by getting your ccnp
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    30k... it really must be a mom and pop company to pay you that much.

    I dont know the going value in Virginia... but you should be at 20 to 25 dollars an hour for you experience. Of course, it determines how much experience or what you classify a network administrator is.

    Some people treat it as just a typical System Admin and others will classify it as a Networking Engineer that work purely is with the Cisco (networking equipment.) Give us a little bit more info on your job duties.

    Recommendation... attempt to finish your 4 your degree. It is much easier to get jobs with the BS instead of a AS. Attempt to finish your CCNP if you have time... other from that... you have a great start if this has been your first 3 years. You are ahead than most people.
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    orissa wrote:
    My employer hired me as entry level with 30k. It has been 3 year now no salary increase.

    Usually, a job pays what the employer thinks it will take to keep a person in the job. Certainly, other things enter into the equation. Consider these items and discuss with your employer:

    -What does your written job description say vs. what you do? If you don't have one, get one!
    -Have you had a performance review? If not, why not? Of course without a written job description, it is difficult to evaluate ones work.
    -Can you show on paper what you have done over the past three years? The value of that service. Your time (wages & benefits) compared with the cost of hiring the work out.

    If you present it in fact, you stand a good chance of at least getting a fair reason why (or why not) there hasn't been a pay increase. Perhaps, you are earning the max your employer is willing to pay.

    Then you'll need to decide are your working for the money? Working because it's a fair place? And compare those options with the likelihood of finding a similar or better job.

    Good luck.

    $30K isn't bad in the mid/central states at a smaller company (single location, maybe a few laptops, workstations (less than 50), server or two. You'll want to know what type of competition you have too. If you push too hard, your employer may have a stack of resumes waiting for you too leave ;)

    SO, do some research. Prepare your notes (from your past 3 years) and be ready to move on if that is what you want to put on the table. If not. Inquire, but do not make it sound like you *must* have more money.
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    was this the first tech job you have gotten after finishing degree?

    i will say this get the hell out of there FAST!!!!!! its normal to get under paid as a newbie regardless of your degree and certs. however, you have proven yourself (i think) even in order for them to keep you around for 3 years. it sounds like he works for the guy i worked for when i was network admin icon_redface.gif cheap as hell, low down as hell and i'm so thankful to be free

    i'm not sure of where u live but you should be getting about 50-65k easy icon_wink.gif
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  • PlantwizPlantwiz Mod Posts: 5,057 Mod
    keenon wrote:

    i'm not sure of where u live but you should be getting about 50-65k easy icon_wink.gif

    While first job's out of school can lead one into the low pay bracket for too long, people view 'system admin' responsibilities differently - particularly small companies.

    There should be a job pay survey for your state, you could use this to get an idea. Depending upon how long you have been out of school, you may be able to have your university help with that process (particularly if you are interested in continuing your education with them ;) ). Many schools offer job placement assistance - so use it.

    Join a business networking group in your area if there is one. Or look into starting one (like BNI,1,Documents ).

    I still recommend that you get your facts in line. Even if you still are looking to move on, it can serve as a self-evaluation of YOUR worth to the company. Did you help them earn money in your position? Keep in mind, not losing a company money is in a sense helping them earn and.....did you earn MORE than what they pay you? Otherwise, the may be able to outsource.

    Perhaps, the company you work for is small and you are maxing out their pay for that position. Then it may be time for a new person to start there and learn/practice networking and you to find something more fulfilling.

    Jobs in the US are too precisous (IMO) to be flip about what one earns per year. TOO many talented people willing to relocate or taking jobs outside their experience to keep their family going to not be grateful for the ride you have now. If it isn't working, that is ok, so be prepared to move may indeed be time.

    Nothing like being stuck working too long (years) for too little pay. Many women get burned on this one....This one I know from experience icon_redface.gif
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    I would say again that it depends where you live. I was hired with a few years exp and only my A+ at 42k, but I was by myself physically and responsible for 30 locations.

    However, I was a bit overwhelmed by the job and ended up losing it because it was easier to replace me with someone that had more WAN experience.

    CCNA is difficult to bluff, and you have the MCSE, so I would say 40-50k should be pretty reasonable. In the very least, 30k is far too little unless you live in a smaller area that is more low-tech.
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    Where do you live? Kansas? W. CCNA you can ask for 80 alone in the DC area where I live. I still dont have my CCNA and I have made over that amount for the past 5 years w/ my a+, net+, Security p+ and the MCSE of course. I work w/ it guys that make 45-55 and all have NO CERTS. only one guy has one test under her belt.
  • D-boyD-boy Member Posts: 595
    icon_eek.gif 30k , I would start job hunting... icon_wink.gif

    I have:

    2x MCP (210, 215)

    And I earn $32,000 doing 1st line helpdesk support...

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    Yeah...find a better job. I live in the south in a small town and Im net admin for a radio station with no server and 13 peer wk stations and i make 42k here. Although, we have propriotiery automation system on a seperate net that puts me as the only one that knows anything about it, the peers require routine maintence and troubleshooting, but its the small life and its wonderful here and I dont want to leave. It ALL depends on how significant you are to ANY company. I could move a make a lot more, but Im happy here and I have the net to myself, its even written in company policy that no one messes with the PC's but me..kinda suggestion is to leave and get a better job...that can down grade our certs and then all the suits will think we are over paid, when in fact we are very under paid....good luck!

  • garv221garv221 Member Posts: 1,914
    I would leave. The 30K was pretty good to start with without experience but now that you have it, go somewhere else. Your worth about 40-50K.
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    50-90K depending on your location and exp and the company. With your certs and time I would say 50-60ishK Where do you live?
  • opers13opers13 Member Posts: 100
    In the Northeast you would be making aound 65K~70K
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    You're well under paid my friend !
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    Depends on how "small" the network is and what your responsibilities are. Certainly worth more than 30K, depending on where you live and what exactly you have experience with, 40-80K I would say.
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